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Best Digital Thermometers 2024🏳️‍🌈 Watch This Before You Buy


1. 📝 Best Digital Thermometers 2024🏳️‍🌈 Watch This Before You Buy (2 times summarized)


In this video, the top 5 digital thermometers for 2024 are reviewed, highlighting their accuracy, speed, and user-friendliness. The focus is on finding reliable tools suitable for various needs, from basic household use to advanced features like Bluetooth integration.


  • 📈 Best Reliable: Ron Digital Thermometer - known for high accuracy and ease of use, recommended for all ages.
  • ⏱️ Fastest Reading: Bone Care Digital Thermometer - delivers quick readings in 10 seconds with advanced sensing tech.
  • 🔔 Alarm Feature: Good Baby FC 2002 - sturdy, reliable, and accurate, featuring an alarm and versatile measurement options.
  • 🚀 Quick Results: Vix Speed Re V912 US - provides accurate readings in 8 seconds with color-coded fever insights.
  • 💪 Best Overall: Proven Pro Series - offers frontal and ear measurements, precise infrared sensor, and a lifetime warranty.

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  1. Which digital thermometer would be best for a busy parent with young children?
  2. Are these digital thermometers safe to use for infants and elderly individuals?
  3. Do any of these thermometers come with additional features like app integration or fever alerts?
✅Top 5 Digital Thermometers 2024 -✅ Only The Top 5 You Should Consider Today


2. 📝 ✅Top 5 Digital Thermometers 2024 -✅ Only The Top 5 You Should Consider Today (2 times summarized)


在这个视频中,我们将带您了解和探索2024年最棒的数字温度计,它们不仅可以测量体温,还能像超级英雄 measuring temperatures. These digital marvels come with sleek designs, accurate readings, instant results, and hassle-free checks. No matter if you're a health enthusiast or want to stay informed, these digital champions have got you covered.


  • 🌡️ Ipee SBT3: 最准确和快速的阅读,三个超级灵敏的传感器。
  • 👶 Braun BFH175: 专门为婴儿和儿童而设计的数字温度计,准确无误。
  • 🦠 bm care Digital Thermometer: 可靠、卫生的数字温度计,设计了多种温度测量方式。
  • 👦 Proven Pro: 支持全家用的触摸精密,多用途 Numero Uno.
  • 👶 cuddy Digital Thermometer: 最佳整体健康监测,多模式设计和棒Props.


  1. 这些数字温度计有哪些与众不同的功能和优势?
  2. 这些数字温度计适用于儿童和成年人的使用吗?
  3. 我应该选择哪种数字温度计来满足我的需求?


1 5镀锌钢管新手为什么一焊就穿,老焊工教你正确焊接技巧


4. 📝 1 5镀锌钢管新手为什么一焊就穿,老焊工教你正确焊接技巧 (2 times summarized)




  • 💡重点提示
  • 1.5mm镀锌钢管焊接技巧
  • 控制电流、选择合适的焊条
  • 采用点焊方式,点焊间隔需注意
  • 观察熔池颜色,判断焊接时机
  • 避免冷焊导致夹杂,避免热焊导致穿透

#镀锌钢管焊接 #点焊技巧 #焊接电流


  • 如何选择合适的焊条和焊接电流进行镀锌钢管焊接?
  • 点焊时如何控制点焊间隔,避免穿透或夹杂?


5. 📝 如何持續成長和進步? (1 times summarized)


This video discusses five habits that can help you continuously grow and improve, inspired by James Clear's emphasis on the importance of habits. The speaker, 姜秉姿, shares personal experiences and insights from books and interviews.


  • 📝 Write Emotion Journals: Helps in self-awareness and understanding emotions.
  • 🎭 Develop Creative Habits: Output-driven learning accelerates growth and understanding.
  • 🤔 Ask 'Why': Uncover the purpose behind actions through Simon Sinek's Golden Circle.
  • 📷 Visualize Success: Mental imagery builds courage and confidence for new challenges.
  • 💡 Design Thinking: Adopt a designer's perspective to shape your life creatively.

#个人成长 #习惯养成 #自我提升


  1. 如何开始写情绪日志,以及它如何帮助处理负面情绪?
  2. 设计思维如何应用于实际生活问题解决中?
  3. 除了视频中提到的习惯,还有哪些其他习惯能促进个人成长?
#NahamCon2024: Shodan & WAF Evasion Techniques | @godfatherOrwa


6. 📝 #NahamCon2024: Shodan & WAF Evasion Techniques | @godfatherOrwa (1 times summarized)


本视频展示了如何规避 Shodan 和 WAF 检测,以成功渗透目标系统。


  • 🧙‍♂️ Shodan 规避: 使用自定义查询和巧妙的语法绕过 Shodan 的检测机制。
  • 🛡️ WAF 规避: 通过利用 WAF 规则的盲点和使用模糊技术来规避 WAF 的保护。
  • 👻 隐蔽渗透: 通过隐藏活动日志和伪装攻击手法,避免被安全机制检测到。

#NahamCon2024 #网络安全 #渗透测试


  • 如何使用视频中介绍的技术进行实际渗透测试?
  • 是否有其他规避 Shodan 和 WAF 检测的有效方法?
#NahamCon2024: Modern WAF Bypass Techniques on Large Attack Surfaces


7. 📝 #NahamCon2024: Modern WAF Bypass Techniques on Large Attack Surfaces (1 times summarized)


This video is a presentation about modern WAF (Web Application Firewall) bypass techniques on large attack surfaces at NahamCon2024. The presenter, with over 10 years of bug bounty experience, introduces some innovative methods to find critical bugs even if a WAF exists.


  • The presentation discusses the state of modern attack surfaces and WAFs' role.
  • The speaker shares techniques and tools to bypass WAFs effectively.
  • Various strategies, such as bypassing the typical WAF techniques, request size limits, and taking advantage of WAF design flaws, are presented.


  • 🌩️ The increasing adoption of cloud software and hardware WAFs leads to a growing pain for bug bounty hunters.
  • 🔧 Multiple methods, like fileless injection, false requests, and parameter pollution, are demonstrated.
  • 📏 A common WAF flaw: request size limits are often overlooked, and it's possible to bypass WAFs without altering payloads.
  • 🛡️ The presenter recommends keeping WAF bypasses as simple as possible.

#waf #bugbounty #pentesting #websecurity #nahamcon2024


  1. What are some practical techniques that bug bounty hunters can use for bypassing WAFs?
  2. How do request size limits contribute to a common flaw in WAFs?
  3. What tools and strategies would you recommend for finding vulnerabilities on large attack surfaces with extensive WAF coverage?